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About the Event


If you feel stuck, lost, confused about your calling and career in the middle of the pandemic, you're at the right place. 

The Online Calling Retreat exists to provide you with practical and biblical insights from world-renowned speakers and thought-leaders on how to discover and live out your calling in the workplace. 

The Online Calling Retreat is unique combination of the NETFLIX of calling & career content and a DIY retreat style where you can get on-demand access of the library of videos for the next six months. 

Learn from our 25 world-renowned thought-leaders and industry experts with over 20+ hours of original content. 

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Theology of Calling

Calling starts with the Caller and is not a DIY self-improvement project. Learn how to connect your faith and work from world-renowned thought-leaders including Os Guinness, Andy Crouch, Gabe Lyons, Dave Gibbons and more. 

Spiritual Practices of Calling

Spiritual practices are the invisible scaffolding to your calling. Learn how solitude, silence, prayer, sabbath and Scripture help you better listen to the Caller from So-Young Kang, Jerome Daley and more. 

The Art of Discerning Your Calling

Discerning your calling is a dynamic, continually unfolding process. Learn practical tools on how to discern your calling from Dave Evans, Jordan Raynor, Terry Walling, Paul Sohn and more. 

Career Management in the New Normal 

How do you reinvent your career in the new normal? Learn from industry-leaders on acing your job interview, networking in a socially-distant world, building a personal brand, and young professional career advice.

Online Calling Retreat Pricing

All sessions are pre-recorded. This retreat, including all of its sessions will expire in one year which means you can set your own pace and schedule!





Meet the Speakers

Click their pictures to find out more.

Os Guinness
Author & Social Critic
Missy Wallace
Managing Director City to City / Executive Director Global Faith and Work Initiative
Redeemer City to City
Gabe Lyons
Founder & President
Q Ideas
Dave Gibbons

Andy Crouch
Partner for Theology and Culture
Dave Evans
Stanford Life Design Lab
Dee Ann Turner
Author, Speaker & CEO
Dee Ann Turner & Associates
Ken Costa
Speaker & Author
Ken Co
Dionna Scales
Sr. Manager, Diversity & Inclusion and L&D
Jon Hart
Partner, Praxis Academy
Jordan Raynor
Author & CEO
Jordan Raynor & Company
Arianna Molloy
Associate Professor of Organizational Communication, Department of Communication Studies
Biola University
Dr. Chip Roper
President and Founder
VOCA Center

So-Young Kang
Founder and CEO, Chief Energizer
Terry Walling
Leader Breakthrough
Paul Sohn
Gordon T Smith
Ambrose University and Seminary
Lacey Stenson
Partner and Chief People Officer
NorthRock Partners or NorthRock X
Anthony D. Mays
Software Engineer & Tech Interview 
Morgan Latimer Consulting
Jake Aguas
Organizational Consultant & Associate Professor
Biola University
Danny Kim
Director of People and Culture
Raindrop Agency, Inc.
Arthur Benjamin
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Strategist
Patti Cuthill
Director of People & Culture
NextLevel Internet, Inc.
Bryan Dik
Professor of Psychology, Entrepreneur
Colorado State University, jobZology
Edward Jones
Career Development Specialist
Chip Peck
Talent Acquisition Professional
Innocean USA
Jerome Daley
Executive Coach
Thrive 9 Solutions
Joe Bass
Lead Program Manager - Autonomous Technologies
Kendrick Wong
Vice President of People
Pieology Pizzeria
Raluca Topor
LinkedIn Strategist, Career Coach
Amber Minson
Founder & CEO
ALM Consulting Services

Access to
Our Private
Hio Community

We have partnered with Hio app to provide a space for you to connect and network with fellow attendees. We will be hosting a variety of virtual events where you can join and build greater network of leaders who live out their calling. 

to Our Private
Hio Community

We have partnered with Hio app to provide a space for you to connect and network with fellow attendees. We will be hosting a variety of virtual events where you can join and build greater network of leaders who live out their calling. 

Download Your Personal Retreat Guide 

This personal retreat guide is designed to be used by participants to develop a do-it-yourself retreat in order to apply your learning from our world-renowned speakers and thought-leaders. This retreat guide includes practical exercises and activities to discern and live out your calling. 
Paul Sohn


Paul Sohn is a leadership coach, best-selling author and speaker. Paul is the founder and CEO of QARA an organization committed to guide millennials discover their calling.  Paul is a best-selling author of Quarter-Life Calling: Pursuing Your God-Given Purpose in Your Twenties. Paul was named one of the Top 33 under 33 Christian Millennials to Follow by Christianity Today. In 2016, Paul received the John C. Maxwell Transformational Leadership Award. Paul is currently serving as the Director of Strategic Career Initiatives and Adjunct Professor of Calling at the Crowell School of Business at Biola University. 


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